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Selim Aysan (everyone calls him Sal) began this journey a world away in Türkei. Growing up he displayed an innate talent for buying and selling. Upon arriving in Canada he set out on a normal career path, working for Manitoba Highways and looking for a nice Canadian girl to settle down with. He worked hard, found Susan, they married and began their life. Not having an excess of funds he bought second hand furniture to furnish their first apartment. Buying things when the deal presented itself led to too many pieces of furniture… so he placed and ad in the paper and sold his first piece.. at a profit.  He thought this was pretty good… lets keep going… Fast forward 45+ years and Selim’s Antiques is known internationally as the place to source the finest that Winnipeg has to offer.  Winnipeg? Well at the turn of the century and up to the Great Depression Winnipeg was a wealthy gateway to the Canadian west and the US upper Midwest. Many fortunes were made here and the icons of the times spent their money bringing in fabulous art, furniture and decorative smalls. Within a 3 minute drive of our location you can see the magnificent homes that were built at that time. All of this planted the seeds for a vast supply of antiques today. Selim’s eldest son Dan Aysan has now taken over ownership of the antique store but Selim remains just as active as the driving force  & foundation of the business.